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this part choked me up.


this part choked me up.

02.11.11 1157
Valentines Day is so close, time to get brain storming duuuudes! :$
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02.10.11 0
Just cause a guy has a lot of girl friends, don’t mean hes gay or a “fag”. And just cause a girl has a lot of guy friends doesn’t mean she’s a slut.

Get that shit through your head people, and stop making so many false assumptions

02.09.11 2
Hater’s do a lot of talking, But once you confront them they ain’t shit but jealousy and weak.
02.09.11 0
Seeking a little too much attention.

People do the strangest and most unflattering things to catch your attention. Seriously? I mean, I’ll hand it to ya, the nonsense works; I’ll give you a second look because I’m so astonished at how desperate you appear to be. So bravo, your tactics worked.

02.08.11 0
I didn’t ask to be born so fucking dope.

02.06.11 6623
The nigga spits game, and doesn’t know what he’s getting into.

I hope one day a girl gives it straight to ya…
But the rhythm of her voice, telling you straight up that
“NO means NO, and if you want to challenge that then fucking go!”

Women who have integrity and a voice, I highly respect. : )

02.06.11 1
When I get upset over something, I have that “I don’t give a fuck” mentality.
02.06.11 0
I would bitch slap you, but that would be considered animal abuse.


This made me *giggle*


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